Here's your totally useless fact of the day:

"The Kool-Aid Man" originally was named
'Pitcher Man' in 1975 was known for
breaking through brick walls to bring
a cold one to all the kids in the backyard
in TV commercials, after 1980 he did much
more than break through a wall, he played
baseball, drove go-karts, skateboarded
and breakdanced.

In 1994 Kool-Aid Man was madeover
to be cool, buff and FUN. He started
wearing trendy clothes. He's been spotted
wearing Hawaiian print shirts, bathingsuits
khaki shorts and hiking boots

He is dressed in fatigues and combat boots
on the drink mix packages sold to military bases!

Most recently, Kool-Aid Man can be
seen wearing a cool leather jacket
and he plays an electric guitar.

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