Smoothies from the Amazon

The americanization of exotica continued on in full steam today as Smoothie King announced new flavors for their frosty-concoctions, proving once again that the tried-and-true nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E are so "yesterday".

Now, its stuff like "Goji Berries", "Acai", "Ginseng", and "Mangosteen" that's cool. Moreover, if it doesn't come from exotic places like Indonesia, the Himalayas, and the Amazon then you're not achieving your maximum health potential.

To this end, Smoothie King has created a new line of smoothies packed with these chic ingredients and are delivering them to farmers in Kansas, auto-workers in Kentucky, railroad engineers in Texas, and whereever Americans are demanding the health secrets of Rain Forest Pygmies and Balinese Islanders.

Expect to find new flavors, "Acai Adventure", "Green Tea Tango", "Passion Passport", "Go Goji", and "Mangosteen Madness", at Smoothie Kings everywhere.

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