Couple Wants to Wed in Cemetery

I see nothing wrong with this, I had a graveyard next to my house growing up, and they are nice quiet places , that are often very beautiful, so Why not a wedding?

EVANSVILLE, Ind. - Evansville city officials are considering a request by a couple to be married in a city cemetery.
Twenty-two-year-old Jamie Sue Smithhart says that when she wanted to escape to a quiet place as a teenager, she went to Oak Hill Cemetery.
Now, she and her fiance, 23-year-old William Zentmeyer, want to get married there.
They have a spot picked out just inside the cemetery's main gate.
The couple met in art class in high school but didn't start dating until earlier this year.
Their former teacher says it would be just like them to want to do something a little different.
The city Works Board briefly discussed the couple's request yesterday. Members voiced no objection, but tabled it for a week to give a city attorney time to review the application.

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