This actually looks cool...well I thought it was anyway..

BagButton is the new Economical state of the art technology that lets you capture the open-end of a plastic bag and enables you to evacuate the air from inside with your Vacuum cleaner, giving you the new space saving, water tight, vacuum packaging space bag almost free.

BagButton, for Space Saving, Food Saving, Waterproofing and Vacuum Packaging, Using your own Vacuum Cleaner, Garbage bags and one BagButton!

The Worlds Economical Space Saving Solutions is Here. Get all the Space bags you will ever need. Saving Space is now for Everyone.

Vacuum packaging spacesaving storage of your foods, clothes, tents, sleeping-bags and all your camping and boating gear.

Triple storage-space in closets, under-beds, attics, basements, shops and garage, cars, backpacks, motor-homes, ect.

Airtight vacuum packaging and storage for all your bulk-foods. ( in food grade bags only ).

Protect your valuables from water damage, dust, dirt, mildew and insects.

Preserve precious heirlooms.

Waterproof your belongings without fear of damage from damp weather.

Instant trash compactor with the BagButton and garbage bags.

The BagButton is made of 10% recycled plastic material, and the packaging is made of 40% recycled paper. The O-ring is from 90% recycled rubber. The BagButton is reusable and extremly enviromentally friendly.

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