Well, just to let you all know , nope I do not cheat with "fake "hair... {Evil Grin at Min}

I have not cut my hair since my son Bup was born that was oct 2000.

My Hair is 45 inches long, and still growing, I am very careful with it and use Precious oils and conditioners on it , no really oil is good for your hair when it gets this long...I usually have it in a braid down my back, tidy and out of the way....I wash it once a week and don't use a hair dryer at all or curling iron , or straighteners or anything else that might fry it....

I put the link up because I'm researching a business idea, and I do like BIG GLAM Hair...and there seems to be a trend in Falls for Goth/rave/Lolita types..

Might start making them, I've had YEARS of experience making /styling wigs and hair pieces, ( I was in the Movie Industry Up in Cananda, doing special FX makeup and effects and a side line in hair usually historical wigs and such) and in my younger years, I did have extensions three times, all at various prices from 500.00 up to 1200.00 for real hair....I know how to apply them in various methods and am looking into it as a business , if I can find out the proper guidelines for the state.....I can do it at home and you can make a Shite load of money doing it...:)