Dean Koontz - Meet Dean Koontz - Messages From Trixie


Hello, is me, Trixie Koontz (who is dog). If you are not dog, I am sorry. Life is not fair. Not everyone can be dog. World needs humans for belly rubs and comic relief. Would be different world, all dogs. Would be no garment industry if everyone came fully furred. Poetry would be worse, 'cause dogs are rhyme-challenged. But dogs have good sense of narrative structure, so movies would be better than plotless, meaningless dreck produced by Hollywood. Dogs would be allowed to drive, so all cars would be convertibles. Would be far fewer cuisines. Dogs have no patience for culinary arts, just eat raw ingredients. But all mysteries of quantum mechanics would be solved 'cause dogs have more talent for theoretical physics than humans. Math, too. I, Trixie (dog), play three-dimensional chess with Dad (not dog, human). Poor Dad is so cute, face puckered with concentration, working out big strategies, but always loses.
Dad is better writing novels than playing three-dimensional chess. His new one, FOREVER ODD, lands in stores Tuesday, November 29. Is sequel to ODD THOMAS, which draws more mail than anything Dad ever wrote. I, Trixie (still and always dog) think it is good book, good, and wanted you to know about it. Now I get cookie. "

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