Trixie's first message from the other side...

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ok this is making me cry, what a sweet doggie she is the best.

Welcome to Web page. Bliss to you.
Is me, Trixie Koontz, dog and spirit.
Dad wrote about my passing in June.
Was painful sad for him and Mom, but life is good on Other Side.
Peanut butter, ice cream, watermelon--all you want.
If you miss kibble--some do, go figure--you can have that, too.
Enjoy web site. Check out Dad's chat with me, Trixie, dog and spirit, and news about big fun dog novel by Dad, THE DARKEST EVENING OF THE YEAR, in hardcover this month.
Bliss to you,

Trixie Koontz

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Anonymous said...

I love the animated dialogue he has between him and her...so perfect. Sweet Trixie.