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Baby, those baby blues may be the key to your success, according to a report on News.com.au.

Apparently more than one study by U.S. scientists finds that people with blue eyes just do some things better than those with brown eyes.
But the reverse is true also, said a researcher who authored a paper that looked at three different studies on the subject of eye color and ability.

Light-eyed individuals and even light-eyed animals perform better at behaviors requiring delay, self-pacing, or non-reactors, while dark-eyed individuals and animals perform better at behaviors requiring speed, sensitivity or reactivity, according to a paper authored by University of Louisville professor emeritus Joanne Rowe and e-mailed to Foxnews.com.

Self-paced activities have been defined as those requiring a response made at a time chosen by the respondent when the situation remains relatively static such as bowling, golf, pitching a baseball, or tossing a ball at a target. Reactive activities are those requiring a quick response to a rapidly changing stimulus such as boxing, defensive football position, hitting a baseball, or rotary pursuit.

One study found, for example, that in professional sports light-eyed pitchers performed better than dark-eyed, but for hitters the reverse was true.
Another study found that professional light-eyed white basketball players had higher percentages of free throws, while dark-eyed white players had higher percentages of field goals.

Still, Rowe told Foxnews.com that more study is needed. "There is so much more to a person's make up and their achievements in life," she said.
Another researcher agreed.

"There's no scientific answer yet." Bedfordshire University senior psychology lecturer Dr. Tony Fallone, who has also studied eye color, believed it should be taken more seriously as an indicator of personality and ability, the Daily Mail reported.

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