***warning extreme Foul language, and brilliant ideas***

not for democrats....

This Dude rocks hard, he is now listed in the links,

he is a commenter over at G-man's :) Fricking wicked cool!!!

and he's in Oregon:)


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I am, I guess, what you’d call an old salty dawg who ran around the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska in the 80’s aboard the US Coast Guard Cutter Jarvis. I’ve lived in California, Hawaii, and Oregon, always near the ocean, it’s a part of me. For any of you salty buggers that would know, I’m a Golden Dragon and a Polar Bear. I live on the Oregon Coast with my bride of 14 years and our two awesome kids. I’ve lived a lot in my 44 years, seen too much, I’m lucky to be alive many times over, and I’m very happy and content to lead a boring life of eating ice cream and mowing the lawn on Saturdays, as everything between 1976 and 1992 was pretty much a reckless life of decadence, booze, drugs, skirts, blackouts, boats, and a life lived on the edge of insanity that only by sheer luck and/or Divine intervention avoided disaster, doom, delirium, and certain death. I’ve been a fisherman, a cook, a door-to-door salesman, a preacher, and a bookstore owner, among other things. I’m just happy to be alive. Each and every day, I’m happy to be alive. I love this country with all of my heart. I am truly grateful to the members of our Armed Forces who have so bravely and most nobly answered the call of duty, and to their friends and family who support them, making many sacrifices as well. You can find me at these other sites



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