Madame Kat Von D

"Win A TATTOO From Me!!! Halloween Costume Contest!!!
Hey Everybody!

It's almost Halloween and it's time to dress up!!!
A few of you have emailed me saying that you were thinking of dressing up as me for Halloween. So Oliver and I came up with a really awesome idea!!

Check it out...

Dress up like me for Halloween, take your picture and email it to: KATVONDLA@YAHOO.COM
and I will pick the very best Kat who will receive a tattoo from me!!
The tattoo will be 3'x3' and the winner will have to travel to me to get it in Los Angeles at True Tattoo at a mutually agreeable date.

The winner will be announced November 8th--so submit your photos no later than November 5th.

Go crazy and get super creative!!

Remember there are no gender restrictions...so boys get your legwarmers out!!!
Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!!


Kat Von D

ps. there will also be a prize for the best under age 18 costume as you can not get tattooed until you are 18!!!"

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Inconsequential said...

guess I won't be playing that game....long way to go...