Please read and Sign...From a good friend of Mine...

A pet cemetary built back in the 30's, still
running till 2002 is
> now being threatened with being torn down.
There are 22,000
> animals and a couple dozen people buried in
there. I was just
> there today to volunteer some time digging for
headstones, which I
> found between 30-35. It took about 5hrs. The
grass is 3-4feet
> long, but because it does not stand up, it lays
on top of each
> other which makes it harder to find stones. We
had to crawl on our
> knees just to dig through dirt to find these
> All I'm asking is that if everyone or even half
of ya'll would just
> sign this petition, it would help to keep it
around. Do you know
> what it was like telling an elderly woman,
visiting her stone-that
> she couldn't find-of her dog, that if we can't
save this place,
> then her dog and the rest of the animals in
here are going to be
> dug up and dumped somewhere when they build the
business center in
> here.
> Since we're all supposed to love animals, Help
the animals that are
> trying to rest in peace. Sign the petition.
> Here's a link with the story:
> http://www.gimpydogs.com/petcemetary.html
> And here's a link to the petition:

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Shmoo said...

Thanks for posting the Web site and the petition.

We're currently organizing work parties on weekends while the weather holds out, then planning a big work party in the spring to do what is left. There is already a lot of improvement, but we can still use your help!

If you live near Elkridge, Maryland then come by on the weekends and help us clean, and also spread the word. If you don't live nearby then please just spread the word of our efforts and get people to sign the petition. Everyone's voice should be heard in this matter!