Fearing Hunters, Farmer Paints Animals

LOGANTON, Pa. - Friz Konieczka's farm is small but easy to spot — it has the orange-striped steer, horses, goats and dog.

"Some people may say it's goofy. I don't think it is," said Konieczka, who paints his animals every bear and deer season to keep them safe.

Konieczka, 52, said he has been painting his animals during hunting seasons for eight years, using a paint he said does no damage and brushes out.

The retired auto mechanic said his farm is right next door to Bald Eagle State Forest, site of many hunting camps.

Joseph A. Kosack, a wildlife education specialist for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, said hunting is prohibited within 450 feet of buildings, and reports of farm animals being shot are rare.

"I can't believe a hunter can't distinguish between a deer and a dog or horse," Kosack said. "But you have to do what you have to do to protect your animals."

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