Santa Makes Final Preps For Christmas Journey

NORTH POLE, Alaska -- Santa Claus has begun final preparations for his big trip to the homes of good boys and girls around the world this weekend. He is getting ready to pack his sleigh for the big trip on Christmas Eve.

Even in the upper reaches of northern Alaska, children are meeting Santa Claus to give him their final wish list, and at Santa's compound, the reindeer are being prepared for their big journey.

"I want a yo-yo," one child told Santa.

And the gifts continue to get more extravagant.

"I want a game board," a child said.

"I want a remote-controlled car," another child said.

Some of the children even remembered mom, who would prefer something expensive and shiny.

"My mom wants a meat grinder," a boy said.

Those aren't the only wish lists. Some 500,000 letters to Santa will arrive at the North Pole post office.

"Just this week alone we received letters from Russia, from Germany, a couple from Italy, and most recently, one from Czechoslovakia," post office representative Gina Yurkovich said.

So with time running out, it looks like everyone is ready for the big day.

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