Martha Stewart Uncorks Wine Brand

The Evil one is now pushing the Grape....

:Insert elevator muzak::
picture this thousands of suburban drones , sitting in their Identical "individually expressed boring designer Kitchens and Homes, quietly pouring a glass or Pint glass of Martha grape squeezings Primo Vino at 11am because the school principal just called ,kids are "at it again" , and the dog has just thrown up in the front hall, and the dryer just broke down, and the husband is bringing the boss home for dinner.

Martha does it again, a timeless classic :Alcoholism...

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Lone Chatelaine said...

Ugh...I seriously doubt that wine is any good. The whole thing wreaks of pretentiousness. I suspect Martha Stewart has confused herself with Martha's Vineyard and is perhaps taking the name literally as well as hoping the rest of the masses are uninformed enough to confuse or connect the two as well.

I used to love Martha in the 90s. Then she just became too institutional.