life imitating art?

Polish Author Convicted in Killing Similar to Murder in His Novel

In case you all wonder..
Why I post stuff like this, it is because..
I find the human mind fascinating,
and the degree of "warpitude" by some people is amazing...
Serial killers, psycho-sadists, cannibals, plain evil type folk.
I have studied them, the cases , the motives,
the underlaying causes etc..
It never fails to astonish me ,
how much they become something so "alien" in human society.
It is interesting to see what breaks them, and why.

It is a lifelong hobby of mine,
I think it was fueled by my Dad, he was a criminal Lawyer.
We would discuss cases at the dinner table ,
me and Dad, Mom and my sister were not interested:)
He has few rather grisly cases that I remember.
He always put the Bad guys away..

Another interesting factor are the Premeditated vrs. Wacko flip out..
again the "snap" factor...

in the words of Bugs Bunny to Gossamer ,
while filing his nails:
"Such an Interesting Monster.."

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