I have an update, My Aunt is not doing well at all ,

her kidney's are shutting down,

on iv's now , pain meds every 4 hours...

I have failed to mention her primary caregiver , until now..

That person is my sister.

We have reconciled and are talking again after a very long time. (10 + years)

My sister is tired and exhausted and still she will carry on, cause it is the right thing to do. I can not be there, and she knows why, I can only offer my support through IM , and on the phone. I have told her I will stay up with her for support. it is about all I can do, I wish I could be there to help with this last gift we Give our Aunt.

My Aunt's son's are due to arrive soon , one tonight at midnight and the other sometime tomorrow...

I hope she can hold out til then.

I honestly don't know if she can...


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