Voices from Inside - - Patrick Knight

gives you some insight on the person,
who prolly by now is dead...

I'm not sure..

I can't find any info on that subject at the moment...
I have no idea why this case is so interesting to me...?

local proximity I guess.
Here is the newspaper account of the crime...not a very nice guy....

more info


Execution set for man who murdered couple

By Phillip Yates, The Amarillo Globe-News

A man convicted in the August 1991 slaying of a Randall County couple learned the date of his execution.47th District Judge Hal Miner set Patrick Bryan Knight's execution for sometime after 6 p.m. on June 26 for his role in the execution-style killings of Walter Werner, 58, and Mary Ann Werner, 56, according to court documents filed Tuesday.According to a June U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals opinion upholdinghis conviction, Knight and Robert Timothy Bradfield broke into the Werner'shome on the Claude Highway east of Pullman Road during the morning of Aug.26, 1991.When the couple came home that evening, the two men locked the pair in their basement. About 24 hours later, Knight gagged and blindfolded the couple and drove them to Masterson Road in Randall County, about four miles from their home, according to the opinion.Knight then made the couple get out of the van and kneel, then shot thecouple in the back of their heads. He then dragged their bodies into a ditch on the side of the road and returned to his trailer and went to sleep, the opinion said.As Randall County deputies and officers with the Potter-Randall Special Crimes Unit began investigating the killings, they questioned Knight, who lived in a trailer house next door to the Werners' home. Knight initially denied involvement in the killings, but he eventually led officers to the location of the victims' bodies, the opinion said.In 1993, a 47th District Court sentenced Knight to die after convicting him in connection with the Werners' deaths. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected an appeal of his conviction in March 1999.Knight's co-conspirator, Robert Timothy Bradfield, was sentenced to two life sentences in connection with the slayings and he is eligible for parole inSeptember 2009, according to the Randall County Sheriff's Office.Bradfield is in the Ferguson Unit about 20 miles northwest of Huntsville,said Michelle Lyons, a spokeswoman for Texas Department of Criminal Justice.Knight is assigned to the Polunsky Unit in Livingston.The state of Texas has executed eight inmates so far in 2007. Twelve executions, not including Knight's, are on the TDCJ's scheduled execution list, Lyons said. A judge presiding over a capital punishment case sets an execution date when it appears that appeals in the case have been exhausted, according to TDCJ.When TDCJ receives a warrant of execution from the court, it adds the killer's name on its list of scheduled executions. The department schedules the execution on the date ordered by the court, according to TDCJ.Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson, who was the county's chief deputy atthe time of the killings, said the scheduling of Knight's execution was justice finally coming, after about 15½ years, for the Werners' family members."This was a brutal murder of two very innocent victims," Richardson said."What this is about today is about carrying out justice. It is aboutbringing some justice and closure to the family members."---Source : The Amarillo Globe


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