Man set for execution wants to die laughing - Yahoo! News

Yes ,Yes I know I already posted about this...

It is just freaky, it is happening in San Antonio , close to here, at or just after midnight...TONIGHT.

I'm just finding it twisted , this guy who looks like a normal guy,
but shot two old people to death...is going to die ,
and he wants to tell a joke as his last words.

G-Man and I were talking about it, and in his usual UN-PC way:)

"Welp why don't you sit up til midnight ,

and have a drink ready,

then you can sip your poison ,

while he's having his....."

and then saunters off ....

OMG...LMFAO...OOOHHHH thats so bad....

I think I might do that...snort, giggle...

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