poetry time..obscure poet

The razor touch of my teeth sliding,
Down your throat, feeling your pulse.
The silken caress of my mouth,
On your jaw, tasting your scent.
The slice of my nails as they move,
Down your chest, tracing ancient spells.
The satin fall of my hair,
Covering you, trapping you, Come into my parlour.
Lie back in my web, escape is futile,
The passion grows, hot sustenance.
The blood glows ruby red,
As for you the light grows dim,
Darling, Rest in my Embrace.

Jaguar prowling,
A trace of desire on the night wind,
Wrapping subtle tendrils,
Around his senses.
Jaguar walking,
Moonlight leads him along the luminous path,
The other is known,
She is near.
Jaguar screaming,
Teeth bite, claws rake, shadows watch
The sleek black shape melts into the night,
Leaving him, sated and empty,
She smiles to the moon.

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Inconsequential said...

cool, who did those?
are they yours?

rather enjoyed them :)