This is just to let everyone know, I'm sorry I'm not here.

I have two VERY sick Little boys right now,

Both have double ear infections with flu on top of that, Hubby and I (who is home from work to help)have been caring for them round the clock taking shifts. They are going back to the Dr. this morning.

High fevers are very scarey...

and seeing them in pain , hurts my heart.


{Minion} said...

hope they get well soon.
don't get too stressed....

{Minion} said...

are they still ill?

can't you take 'em back to the shop and get a courtesy kid till they're well again?

I really do hope it's not too serious, and you all get back to normal soon :)
Thinking of you...


BlueWolfess said...

They are on the mend, the baby is doing great. Bup is not .
The infection , moved from his ear to his mastoid, then to his lymph nodes under his jaw, making jaw movment very painful- he has lost weight:(..., poor little guy, his Kinder Teacher called to see how he was, told her and she agreed to keep him home til he is better. They are still on heavy antibiotics and motrin as they still have fevers and pain...sigh It has been a Hell week for all of us, thanks for caring:) means alot.