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Thursday, March 02, 2006
Where are the Senate Republicans?!
...a new bill before the Senate has one sponsor and one co-sponsor. Both are Democrats. The Bill is S. 451: Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2005 and it is a desperately needed bill that will beef up the currently lax restrictions regarding "Class B" dog dealers.In layman's terms that means that currently individuals can run massive kennels where people called "bunchers" come sell random dogs to the kennel owners. Many of these dogs are stolen family pets sold to the kennels for $25 each --the kennel then sells them to research labs all over the country for approx. $250 each. The conditions at the kennels are beyond appalling. HERE are some pictures of the abuses that continue to go on... See how many Class B dealers are currently licensed to operate in your state.Turning your head from something unpleasant doesn't make it go away. Every Senator and House member should have to watch the documentary DEALING DOGS (Which is currently showing on Comcast "On Demand"). This documentary is the culmination of an eight month undercover investigation of a kennel in Arkansas. I don't care if you hate dogs...no sane person can see what goes on at these kennels and not be horrified.I know there are tons of "dog people" out there --and we really need to write our Senators and urge them to support this bill. Here you can find contact information and a sample letter.Last Chance for Animals is the organization that took down kennel owner (a pastor?!) C.C. Baird in AK. If you set aside some money to donate to animal causes --think about donating to them. Their organization used a dangerous and sophisticated sting to bring down Baird and saved hundreds of animals and a possible thousands more by having Martin Creek Kennels shut down permanently! I want to see some co-sponsors from the GOP on this bill!!!Maybe everyone should link pics of their pups in the comments...

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