Yes I'm Back...

LOL, that's funny, I feel like that a lot....

Ok we are somewhat settled, and Back online,,,YEAH!!!
The move was one giant headache, but aren't all moves?
oh yeah did I mention it is freaking HOT here I mean temp -wise..Like 98 with 90% humidity!!!!No shite, for real!
The house is awesome. We have a big lush backyard,with crepe myrtle trees, and a huge Oak, a garden of Birds of paradise plants , ornamental peppers, and a whole bunch I don't know yet.
The wild life is different as well, we have doves, and wrens, crows,bluejays, humming birds,kamikaze Squirrels and lizards>who hang out in OUR BATHROOM(still trying to figure out where they get in) and dart out at the weirdest times, but mostly hang on the sunscreen netting on the deck.there are neighbor dogs for Coal and Bonk to yell at..
oh yes Coal, my poor little poo, on Friday he suffered a Grand Mal fit and was very close to death, he really was in a bad way...By Sat afternoon he was doing much better and had some food and could walk again, today he is back to normal, and being a goof...Sunday was his 6th birthday(yes we celebrate the dog's birthdays)we are going to get him on some epilepsy meds, poor little guy .
Bianca is learning NOT to bark at the neighbor dogs, with a little water re enforcement>Bianca voice>"I will no bark or I GET THE HOSE AGAIN"...LOL...
It is weird here, good ,but weird.
I miss my friends ALOT! HUGS to Gina,Angie,Brienus,Daff,Don Mo,Sumer and Co., Til and Co.,Sainte Elize House Members.
Back to work for me, Now I have to UN-Pack!!! geeesh!

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