Meme from GMan via DI

I've never really done one of these things either...

1.) Home-
Where ever my Husband and sons and pets are, that is home to me. Born in northern Ontario, moved to British Columbia at 11, moved to the states at 29, and have seen various states due to our gypsy ways:)

2.) Dogs-
My obsession, harmless...mostly...so far : Buttons, Muggins, D'arcy, Pookie, Bibi, Crystal, Mah, Bubba, Coal, Bianca, Prish, and Vivie_Ooovue.

3.) Fears-
crumbs, leeches,small enclosed places,MRI machines,broken bones,divorce.

4.) Pet Peeves-
being Late, smarmy people, small rock towers, people feel compelled to build on beaches, messes made by other people I have to clean up for infinity.

5.) Movies-
Elizabeth,Braveheart, Excalibur,Dracula,Clerks 2, Grand Torino.

6.) Hobbies-
Sewing,Cooking,Medieval Reenactment,Belly Dancing,Target Shooting.

7.) Odd Food Preferences-
I like vinegar,on alot of things, which is odd in the states, I get alot of weird looks, then G-man says she's from canada , then the nods and "oohh that makes sense"...Idiots. I like sushi, seafood, MUSHROOMS,caviar, vegetables, japanese food, thai, Borsch(sp), sour cream, good steak, greek food, and garlic.....basically everything I can never have...sigh.


defiant_infidel said...

"Sewing, belly dancing and target shooting..."

You just HAD to be as much of a class act as your hubby! ;)

BlueWolfess said...

ty DI :) you made my day:)