I'm Baaaaccccccckkkkkk!

we survived the trip, landed Sat afternoon as projected.

The Local SCAdians were on hand to help unload,
awsome people and lots of potential new friends:)

the place is beyond awsome , the hubby did REAL GOOD!!!!!

pure cold well water, acerage, wheat, wind, fall leaves, quail, pheasent, birdies, horses next door:)>1 mile away...

the boys love it , and we do too,

Bup is in school, xab is hanging with Mom..

the dogs are roaming the back forty now, no really...lol...

it took a week to get the phone /internet hooked up, and it's as slow as molasses in Jan in the rockies...

BUT..better than nothing:)

I'm still unpacking, and liking this place a whole lot...:::smile:) thanks for all of you that were wondering how we are doing, just so you all know this is the first th ing I did , now I'm gonna check my mail:) have about 4000 messages to wade through...laters :)

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Angela said...

So you're The Pickel's wife! Very Cool. I've been doing a link exchange w/him since the last Presidential Election! We should do a link exchange too! Want to? BTW, the house is GREAT! It's super big and long. Looks like y'all will have enough room for target practice!