Cute Overload! :)

Guinea pigs doing the Lady and the Tramp Spaghetti Thing

'That's why the Guinea Pig IS A TRAMP!' [sing in Frank Sinatra voice]


Cute Overload! :)

Check it ooot!


Jewels of the Romanovs - Welcome Page - Pallasart Web Design

So beautiful.


BBC - Drama - Sweeney Todd

I highly recommend this, was excellent.

Cute Overload! :)

Legends of Folk Music, Part Six
From their 1958 debut at the Nosepick Hollow Folk Festival, The Happenin' Hoedown Hipsters kept audiences' toes a'tapping with a crowd-pleasing mix of folk standards tinged with modern jazz influences. The 1962-65 lineup, pictured here, included Farquard Mandlebroot, lead beagle and vocals; Stanley Burbleson, coyote and harmonica; Roger "Biff" Burbleson, rhythm beagle and vocals; and Doris McGinty, bass mutt.


Santa Muerte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

hummm interesting...funny how pre christian traditions still come through.